Congratulations to The Times Picayune!

From Scout:

Congratulations to the Times Picayune for winning two Pulitzer Prizes, for Public Service and Breaking News. They certainly deserved it. From the editor, Jim Amoss: (more after the cut….click Read More)

From Scout:

“Katrina, the greatest urban disaster in America, dealt tragedy and bitter loss to our community and everyone in this room,” Amoss told several hundred staff members in the newsroom after the awards announcement.

“As our city was being ravaged, our citizens dying, our market destroyed, our homes lost, with chaos and lawlessness reigning — while this was happening, we came together as a team,” Amoss said, “and fulfilled a mission that is sacred to us: to publish no matter what — no matter whether our house was destroyed, whether we knew what had happened to our families, or what the future held….

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