How do you solve a problem like George

From Scout:

Talk Left links to this Tmesonline (UK) article which looks at “jittery” Republicans ideas on how to give Bush a “fresh start.” Fred Barnes who is prominently quoted in the article believes Bush should dump Cheney for Condi…..

“It’s unlike Bush to dump somebody whom he likes and respects,” he cautioned. “But the president needs to do something shocking and dramatic such as putting in Condoleezza Rice.”


The best scenario, Barnes added, would be for Bush to announce that “Dick Cheney will be around as an outside adviser and I can call him on the phone, but I’d like to anoint somebody who I think will be the next leader of the United States”.

Finally this on the prospect of losing control of Congress and facing a stagnant legislative agenda at best and impeachment at worst…

“If the Democrats win either the House of Representatives or the Senate it will be death and torment. It will be horrible for Bush,” said Barnes.

Basically they believe bigger heads than Scottie’s must roll to win back the American people so Barnes offers a shock and awe annointment but basically to avoid Republican torment. Right there is the problem. Americans want someone to relieve THEIR torment.