Koppel For The Win

A righteous bitch-slap of the sort that would greatly benefit Michelle Malkin’s favorite t-shirt artist:

There’s not a one of us who’s covered wars and revolutions in other continents, whose families can’t tell you about the fear and sleepless nights that were an outgrowth of every one of those assignments.

I don’t want to pretend that any one of us is or was something that we are not. I love reporting from overseas. So did Peter. So does Bob.

But for all these years we have told our families and told ourselves that at least some of what we were doing is genuinely important, that Americans really need to know what is happening overseas…what is being done in their names…why it is that our nation’s best intentions are so often misunderstood or misinterpreted.

That’s what people with real experience say. T-shirt-writing pussies of the sports-bar bravado variety would do better to confine themselves to shoveling chicken wings into their flabby maws and cheering whatever team is ahead in the NBA playoffs. Leave the media crit to the professionals.