We Have A Nickname!

From Holden:

Wow, we witnessed an overwhelming response to yesterday’s request for Tony Snow nicknames. I’m glad to see so many readers take an interest in keeping the gaggle posts running at a high level of quality.

So many nicknames, and really I don’t intend to pick just one winner. I’ll probably call the new mouthpiece by whatever name suits me at the time, depending on my general mood and the tone of the gaggle that day.

That said, I think I’ll begin with a nick suggested to me by B1 Bummer in the comment threads at Eschaton: Pony Blow.

It was a tough decision, and “Bush’s New Asshole” was my sentimental favorite. However, “Pony Blow” has so many things going for it that I found it impossible to pass up. First, there’s the play on the guy’s name — incorporating both first and last name, very nice indeed. Then there is the allusion to Bush’s favorite pasttime, sexual stimulation of the equine species. And, of course, like a president is distracted by a sparkly new mountain bike, I can’t resist anything with a pony in it.

Well done, readers. Tony Snow is now Pony Blow.