Caption This…errr the second one

From Scout:

Bush made his 11th trip since Katrina to the Gulf Coast today including stops in New Orleans’s 9th Ward…..

Caption Anyone? (See below)

bush katrina debris

(Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

UPDATE: MY BAD. An astute commenter caught what I missed when viewing the above photo…it is from March. My Deepest Apologies.The photo appeared close in order to today’s pics of the trip at Yahoo…and it looks like he’s wearing quite similar clothes as today (as seen below) all which lead me to assume rather than closely read the caption. I got it wrong so apologies.

May I offer my second choice photo (today’s really) which now I am painfully aware should have been my first for…. Caption This:

bush construct 9th ward

(Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Or Compare and contrast with Howard Dean working in NOLA’s 9th Ward on April 21.

dean 9th ward

(Photo: Rueters/Lee Celano)