Yet Another All-Time Low

From Holden:

Chimpy dropped 8 points in the latest Diageo/Hotline poll to 37%, which happens to be 2 pts. below his previous low for this poll.

Overall, the president’s current approval rating is 37%, with 61% expressing disapproval of his job performance. In the February Diageo/Hotline Poll, 45% of respondents expressed approval of the president’s job performance, with 52% disapproving. The president’s job approval has dropped 13 points among Republicans (70% approval in May vs. 83% in February) and 8 points among Independents (33% approval in May vs. 41% in February).

“A thirteen point decline in Republicans who approve of Bush should be a red flag for GOP candidates,” said Chuck Todd, Editor-in-Chief of The Hotline. “Bush is no longer dropping in approval among his adversaries, but also among his base. The effects of this will be seen as the midterms get closer.”


The percentage of Republicans who say they will vote to reelect their current member of Congress is hovering just above 30%. This is a six-point drop from February and the lowest point in the Diageo/Hotline Poll this year. The majority of voters (59%) say they have “a lot” of interest in the 2006 elections, while only 37% have a favorable view of Congress. In terms of favorability, Republicans in Congress have a 53% unfavorable rating among voters, while Democrats in Congress have a 42% unfavorable rating.

More troubling for Republicans in Congress are general traits of political parties identified by voters. Republicans are seen more likely to be corrupt than Democrats (29%-16%), while Democrats are considered to be more open to working with the other party than Republicans (36%-20%) and more open to moderate ideas (48%-26%).

And just what is the Diageo/Hotline poll?

Diageo, the world’s leading spirits, beer and wine company, and The Hotline, the leading daily news briefing on American politics, have teamed up to bring you the Diageo/Hotline Poll.

Rebuplikkkan strategist Ed Rollins eyeballs the numbers for the poll.

The Diageo/Hotline Poll of 801 registered voters, conducted by Financial Dynamics from May 18 to 21, with analysis by Ed Reilly (D) and Ed Rollins (R)…

So it’s time once again to update the list of current all-time lows for the Bushboy.

ABC News/Washington Post: 33%

American Research Group (ARG): 34%

American Research Group (ARG): 32%

AP/Ipsos: 33%

CBS News: 33%

No longer an all-time low. CBS News: 35%

CNN: 32%

UPDATE: Chimpy leaps up to 34% in the latest CNN poll.

Diageo/Hotline: 37%

Fox News: 33%

Chimpy surges in the latest Fox News poll to 38%, so that Pony Blow appointment must be paying off already.

So much for that bounce, Chimpy is back down to 35% accoridng to Fox.

Gallup: 36%

Note: the USA Today/Gallup Poll and the Gallup Poll are conducted independently.

Harris Interactive: 29%

NBC/Wall Street Journal: 36%

Newsweek: 35%

USA Today/Gallup: 34%

USA Today/Gallup: 31%

Zogby: 32%