Cross-Dressing Lesbian

From Holden:

Wait a minute, that’s the wrong cross-dressing lesbian. Republican Congressman Bob Ney of Ohio is all hot and bothered about Air America’s Rachel Maddow.

Bob Ney’s campaign is running an “auto call” in Ohio right now, which criticizes his Democratic opponent, Zack Space, for being interviewed on The Rachel Maddow Show this month.

*Click HERE for audio of the Bob Ney autocall.

“Hello, my name is Juanita (?) [Maureen] and I am very concerned about what I’ve heard recently about Congressional Candidate Zack Space. Zack claims to care about Ohio Values. He has been spending a lot of time lately with national liberal and gay rights leaders to raise money for his campaign. Just last week Zack was on an ultra-liberal radio show from New York City hosted by a cross dressing lesbian when he told me that social values are no longer that important. Zack Space claims the 18th District wants a progressive leader. But we all know that progressive is nothing more than a code word for higher taxes, more gun control, more abortions, and more gay marriages. Tell Zack Space that social values do matter to those of us in Ohio. Even if they don’t matter to his ultra-liberal friends in the rest of the country. Paid for by Bob Ney for Congress”

And if that’s not enough misdirected hate for you BuckEyeBlog has Ney’s anti-Maddow attack email.

Bob Ney sends out an email attacking Zack Space in what can only be described as one of the most homophobic gay baiting emails I have ever seen

The ultra-liberal colors of Ohio’s 18th District Democrat Congressional candidate Zack Space keep shining through. At the same time as he was campaigning with failed Presidential candidate and avowed Second Amendment opponent John Kerry in Ohio last week, Zack continued his outreach efforts to the national liberal and gay rights establishment by giving a lengthy radio interview on the liberal Air America network with one of the country’s leading gay rights advocates, Rachel Maddow. Interestingly, a major financial sponsor of Air America is , the same liberal organization based in Washington D.C., which Space purports to have no connection with, but which has been funding negative soft-money attacks against Congressman Bob Ney.

Maddow, who lives in New York City with her “partner,” questioned Space about a variety of issues popular with the national liberal establishment while acknowledging at one point that she uses a different name when dressed “in drag.” But perhaps the most interesting aspect of her interview with Space came at the end with a stunning admission by Space that he doesn’t sense “social issues” are still “hot button” issues.

Here’s hoping that Bob Ney can continue to protect us from cross-dressing lesbians and theior “partners” from the inside of a prison cell.

Pay a visit to Ney’s opponent, Democrat Zack Space.