Pony Blow Steps In It

From Holden:

Pony Blow can’t open his yapper without shoving his foot into it. Yesterday on CNN he compared the War on Iraq with the Battle of the Bulge, an argument Juan Cole eviscerated today.

Blow was interviewed on Fox yesterday as well where he downplayed the importance of the two US soldiers kidnapped in Iraq.

WALLACE: What do you say to the people who may be holding these soldiers?

SNOW: Give them back.

WALLACE: And what about the U.S. and its efforts to free them?

SNOW: Well, I think, Chris, you’ve got to understand that we’re involved in a war in Iraq. And in a situation like this, as you know, Baghdad is an unsafe place in some areas [The two soldiers were actually taken captive in Yusufiyah, southwest of Baghdad], and there are people who are going to do everything they can to try to make sure that the new government fails and to try to figure out some way to chip away American support for engagement there.


The thing is the way the war is being covered — and we’ve seen it right now. We have two U.S. servicemen — and God bless them. We hope they’re okay. We’re focusing on them and we forget that since Zarqawi was killed, hundreds of bad guys have been rounded up.

There’s been a lot of intelligence. The Iraqis have gone ahead and mobilized 50,000 of their own to go into five Baghdad neighborhoods. There’s a lot going on there.

Now, the problem is that from a video standpoint, somebody can blow up a car in a marketplace in Baghdad and get headlines the world over.

WALLACE: Or a hostage tape of two American soldiers.

SNOW: Exactly right. And that suddenly becomes the perception of everything that’s going on in the country. It’s a little more difficult sometimes to show incremental progress.

Fox interviewer Chris Wallace was eager to stoke winger hopes for finding the fabled Iraqi WMD, but Snow deflated Wallace’s balloon.

WALLACE: One other question from Iraq. I am hearing that the U.S. may have found new evidence of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program. What can you tell me about that?

SNOW: Nothing. At this point, what — there have been on a number of occasions, as you know, Charles Duelfer, who used to be the head of the Iraq survey group, and others have said that Saddam was determined to try, to the best of his ability, to have a robust program of weapons of mass destruction, including reconstituting nuclear research at the earliest opportunity.

So it’s no secret that Saddam had ambitions of weapons of mass destruction, but anything that may be uncovered — as you know also, a lot of times you’ll get pieces of evidence, and you need time to assess what’s going on. So I’m afraid I can’t advance that at this moment.

And finally, Chris Wallace could not refrain from asking about the photo below of Blow and Dan Bartlett’s arrival in Baghdad last week, which belies all the smiley faces from the Assministration.

WALLACE: Does it get your attention when you’re flying in a helicopter low over the skyline of Baghdad?

SNOW: Well, you know, you’ve got two options. You can look funny with a helmet on or you feel stupid without one on. I thought you know what, I’m taking the helmet.