Still in Pony Territory

From Holden:

The latest Pew poll.

[T]he positive news from Iraq has had a limited effect on Bush’s standing with the public. Bush’s job approval stands at 36%, compared with 33% in April, and since March he has gained modestly on terrorism and the war in Iraq. But on both issues ­ as well as in views of his overall job performance ­ Bush’s ratings remain lower now than they were in February.


Despite prevailing in Friday’s vote affirming current policy in Iraq, Republicans did not gain public support for their handling of the issue. By 34%-28%, more Americans say they think the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party, can do a better job making wise decisions about what to do in Iraq. The balance of opinion is largely unchanged since February (41% Democratic Party/38% Republican party).


While public perceptions of how things are going in Iraq have improved, baseline attitudes toward the war have not changed. The public remains divided over whether the U.S. should “bring its troops home as soon as possible” (45%) or “keep military troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized” (50%). In addition, a small majority continues to favor the establishment of a timetable for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq. In the current poll, 52% say there should be a timetable (and 2% volunteer that we should get out now), while 42% disagree. This is little different from April, when 53% favored and 40% opposed the establishment of a timetable.