Dvorkin Can’t Even Quit Without Wanking

So gross:

• You’ll also find that your inbox is busier in the morning than in the afternoon. That’s not because NPR’s Morning Edition upsets listeners more than Day to Day or All Things Considered. I think it’s because listeners on their way to work, arrive at the office and fire off an e-mail to let me know their displeasure. Going home, listeners may be similarly miffed, but rather than sending an e-mail they might also have access to a sustaining cocktail. I know I do.

• You will note there are always a few listeners who will start the conversation with an anatomy lesson — suggesting your or NPR’s resemblance to a specific body part. Those e-mails and phone calls should quickly find their way to the appropriate cyber trash can. Fortunately, those complaints are extremely rare. I think I may have hung up on two or three callers a year. I’m never happy to do this, but taking abuse is not in the job description. A fellow ombudsman at a newspaper once proudly told me that he never hung up on a reader in all his years at the paper. I thought he deserved an award for patience, and another for masochism.

I’ve said this before about Little Jeffie, but look. Everybody who thinks the NPR ombudsman is the toughest job in the entire world, raise your hands.