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If I was going to write a story about the power of blogging I’d write about the NOLA bloggers. (you can see where this is going I presume) But let me preface with this first.

When I was in New Orleans I spent several hours one day walking around Lakeview taking pictures for the blog. I remember pausing before taking the above photos. This was someone’s home so I kept a respectful distance as I took the photos. I was also very much aware that I was an outsider looking in at someone else’s tragedy. I bring this up because it is with pause that I also approach writing of the NOLA bloggers. Though I blog about New Orleans I am not a NOLA blogger. Though I believe this man made disaster has been America’s tragedy, it is not my personal tragedy as it is theirs. That said, I hope they won’t mind my giving you a snapshot of what I see in their part of the blogosphere. I only do it for the same reason as with anything I write here. I just think you ought to know about them. But so as not to overstep I‘ll keep it short and sweet.

The NOLA bloggers are serving up some great writing and analysis. They are informing and critiquing. They offer news, insight and context, everyday. Their support of one another is gracious and impacting. There is emotion, community involvement and solidarity (the latter sometimes evidenced by the call of Sinn Fein, the genesis of which is found here) There is gratitude for what they’ve received. There is humor and hope but always realistic appraisal. Perhaps it is necessity that makes them blog now and ties them together. Whatever it is they are building a blog community and one with an important purpose….keeping their greater community alive. If all that doesn’t point to the power of blogging well I give up. Next year when the Koufax Award nominations come up I’m just putting down the NOLA bloggers for best community blog. If they were to win I’m not sure how they’d share it but I suspect they’d dispose of that detail quickly with grace and aplomb and then get on to some good New Orleans food, music and a few drinks.

So if any of the NOLA bloggers read this and I got the picture out of focus then have at it in the comments. For everyone else here are links to just some of the NOLA bloggers. I hope you’ll visit their sites. While you’re there please check out their sidebars for all the others.

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