It’s a Question of Physics

Can Len Downie wank any harder without snapping it right off?

Downie said he was approached to add his name to the Baquet/Keller piece sometime last week, but did not want to be part of something that involved other newspapers. “I was contacted by Bill [Keller] and I decided not to participate in a group,” Downie told E&P Wednesday. “I was asked if I was interested in being involved with several editors about this and I declined. I think one of the important things about American journalism is that each newspaper operates on its own and I didn’t want to join in a group situation. We are independent.”

Via Romenesko, as always, the richest buffet of stupidity and whining around.

Dear Len,

They don’t differentiate. It’s all one thing to them. You’re “the media.” You’re the enemy. If you stay very quiet and never make noise and never bother anybody and never upset the status quo and never, ever question them, they’ll hit you just as hard, so you might as well take stock of how many years you have remaining on this earth and decide how you want to spend them.

At my college newspaper there was a saying, a kind of half-joke, handed down from the tear-gas-and-batons days of Vietnam: If you show your press pass, they’ll just beat you harder.

You’re going to get smacked down anyway. You might as well make it mean something.

No love,