Stay and Pray

I like this bit a whole lot:

Can Democrats capitalize on this incredible disconnect with the electorate the Rubber Stamp Republicans have on the issues? Only if we keep the conversation focused on just that disconnect: why is the GOP wasting it’s time on a gay marriage ban that’s already been rejected by the Senate when the only plan they have for Iraq is Stay and Pray? Why are they worrying about the Pledge of Allegiance when people are having to choose between paying for food or paying for gasoline to get to work?

Because this is exactly it, the whole enchilada. People won’t just come to this conclusion on their own. They’ve been told for six years now that it does in fact affect them when two girls they don’t even know get married. They’ve been told it does affect them, it does hurt them, when somebody burns the flag. They’ve been told this relentlessly, sleeping and awake, the message hammered home until they think hey, I don’t got no job and I don’t got no savings but I can fix this one little thing about life, I can make damn sure people know I’m proud to be an American, because as long as I’ve got somebody I’m better than, I’m not as bad off as I could be.

You can’t counter that just by staying quiet and hoping people figure out that their heads are up their asses just by looking around and seeing their innards. You can’t counter that by hunkering down and hoping that a confluence of scandals will somehow give people critical reasoning skills they didn’t have before.

You have to tell them, and you have to tell them just the way the GOP has told them: over and over, in simple terms, with simple words, before during and after the election season.

You have to hammer it in, or we’re gonna spend the next few months predicting victory again, only to wake up with the taste of ashes in our mouths wondering what the hell happened.