Friday Ferretblogging: Vet Edition

Stripe, despite being fat and sleek, is unwell again. He’s developed a kind of weird head twitch, his internal organs are enlarged and his blood sugar’s all over the place. The Best Vet Ever thinks it’s either insulinoma or another form of cancer. Which depending on its progression, could be treated very easily. But first they have to figure out what exactly is the problem, and even though he’s the size of a Nerf football, his little body seems to be pretty good at hiding the exact cause of his illness.

They’re doing tests, which Stripe is accepting with a sort of bored tolerance, and he’s getting lots of petting here at home, including some from Joey. Joey has taken it upon himself to groom Stripe each day and nudge him to play. When Stripe is clearly thinking, “I ain’t moving for nothing, so just calm your furry ass down,” Joey’s all, “Dude, quit being such a baby. Cheer up. I found us a sock to chew on!”