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From Scout:

I like to go read the articles at the Department of Defense website where a weird combination of fairy dust, acid and Orwell prevail. This is the opening of an article from yesterday titled “Afghan Security Forces Gaining Capability, Spokesman Says”

WASHINGTON, July 25, 2006 – While the enemy will continue to resist the will of the government and more violence is expected, the Afghan National Army and National Police are gaining capability by the day, a Combined Forces Command Afghanistan spokesman said today.

Then I also go to Stars and Stripes often because you can learn some very interesting things there. In a July 24th article on the best and worst sides of the Afghan National Army (ANA) there was this….

“The first thing they told us when we got here was to send the ANA troops first, because if we went in front they would probably shoot us in the back,” said one U.S. soldier, who wished to remain anonymous.