FEMA bows to pressure….reverses media policy in camps

From Scout:

FEMA felt the heat. They now say they will reverse their policy (see previous post) of requiring a FEMA rep to be present when the press interviews residents at camps according to The Advocate….

“You pointed out some very good points that we shouldn’t be trying to muzzle the press,” Stark said Tuesday of why the policy was changed. The new policy, put into place Tuesday “will allow media full access to the group site trailer parks” without representatives of FEMA accompanying them, he said.

Reporters and photographers will have to produce “valid media credentials” before they are allowed to enter the trailer parks, he said.

“In no way will FEMA security nor FEMA public affairs stand in the way of media entering the trailer parks with valid credentials and interviewing whomever they like,” Stark said.

U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-Napoleonville, who condemned FEMA’s restrictive policy Monday, was cautiously optimistic Tuesday when he was told about the new policy by a reporter.

“When political pressure starts building, they immediately say they are going to change things and make them better,” Melancon said.

“I just hope they’re being honest with you,” Melancon added. “I think I’ll have to see it first before I believe it.”

I hope reporters go out and test FEMA on this.