Your Thursday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

From Holden:

Oh my, somebody just had his name scratched off of the Harris family Christmas card list.

Katherine Harris’ former communications director has joined the campaign of one of her Republican opponents for the U.S. Senate, LeRoy Collins Jr.

Chris Ingram, who was one of five senior staffers to leave Harris’ campaign two weeks ago, is now Collins’ campaign manager, according to a news release from the Collins camp.

“Admiral Collins has the leadership abilities, integrity, and common-sense values Florida voters need for effective representation in Washington,” Ingram said in the statement. “Governor Bush was right when he said, ‘(Katherine Harris) can’t win.’ At 30 points down in the polls, it is safe to say a vote for her in the primary is as good as a vote for Bill Nelson. LeRoy Collins has the experience and determination to give Republicans their best shot at defeating Nelson this fall.”

Harris’ campaign has seen two separate waves of staff departures since she began her run for the Senate about a year ago. Some of those workers have gone on to speak negatively of her in public, an unusual step for campaign staffers.