Saturday with the Republican Juggernaut

From Holden:

Rep. Katherine Harris’ fourth campaign manager sounds like a peach.

As Ms. Harris is an ardent supporter of Chimpy’s Vanity War I wonder why he isn’t fighting in Iraq?

Katherine Harris’ new campaign manager is an energetic young conservative best known for an anti-gay marriage initiative in Massachusetts and for bringing actor and National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston to speak at his liberal college.

Bryan Rudnick, a member of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee, was named her fourth campaign manager on Thursday.

In a statement, Harris said she was “delighted” to have Rudnick on her team, saying he “has over 10 years of experience in Florida politics.”

That seemed to be a bit of a stretch, since Rudnick was a senior at Brandeis University in the spring of 2000. Soon afterward he helped found Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage, a citizen group that attempted to pass a gay marriage ban in the state. He is the president of Alliance Strategies Group in Boca Raton, which describes itself as a political consulting firm.


Some who knew Rudnick’s work in Massachusetts questioned how effective he was there.

“I do not think of him as a particularly skilled organizer,” said Josh Friedes, a longtime board member of the Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts, which worked against Rudnick’s ballot initiative in 2001 and 2002.

Friedes, who recently relocated to Washington state, described Rudnick as a zealot who appears to think gays and lesbians are inferior, despite Rudnick’s protestations during the petition drive that his motives were pro-family, not anti-gay.

“Actually, I think Bryan Rudnick was one of the best things that ever happened to the civil rights movement in Massachusetts,” Friedes said. “He was so ardent and strident I think what a lot of people saw when they interacted with Bryan and his organization was, they came face to face with hate and bigotry.”