Hey Barack

Here’s another idea for a topic next time you want to mouth off about how Democrats need to respect people with moral values:

The program was designed to give all participants a certain level of insurance and to protect elderly and disabled recipients with chronic or catastrophic illnesses from huge prescription expenses. To afford those two goals, Part D’s designers built in an annual period during which individuals have to pay for medicines themselves.

Under a standard plan this first year, Medicare handles 75 percent of drug costs after a deductible until the bill reaches $2,250. It does not kick in again until those costs total $5,100.

It’s been a while since I hauled out my Bible, but I remember there being a lot of stuff in there about caring for widows and orphans, honoring your father and mother, and such. Maybe, instead of giving a strategy dissertation next time, you could talk about the Christian values of a society that charges the elderly penurious prices for their drugs, promises to pay for them, and then leaves them hanging after they thought they were gonna be taken care of. Because personally? I have more respect for somebody who robs a liquor store than I do for people who rip off grandparents.