Our Chief Weapon is Ridicule

From Holden:

Bush’s idiocy is marketing gold in Canada.

The website, http://www.yaleshmale.com of Lakehead University in pastoral Thunder Bay, Ontario, found itself on the Drudge Report yesterday for running a black and white picture of Bush, with the caption: “Graduating from an Ivy League university doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart.” The picture and caption are part of a marketing scheme to bump up student recruitment. [Click the link above to see the ad.]


But Lakehead’s got nothing on simplyaudiobooks.ca, which has saturation coverage on City of Toronto billboards with a picture of a grinning George W. Bush beside the caption: “Don’t read enough?”

Lakehead administration claims humour not politics was at the heart of its marketing stint.

“It was literally a tongue-in-cheek way of getting attention,” Frederick Gilbert, president and vice-chancellor of Lakehead University, said on Monday. (Reuters, Aug. 28, 2006).


In portraying Bush as a grinning illiterate, Simplyaudiobooks.ca has ignited a round of approval from bloggers.

“I love it. Bush II as the poster boy for illiteracy. Great ad!” one blogger posted.

“Seeing how that’s for a Canadian website they could’ve used Stephen Harper’s picture, but it wouldn’t have been as funny. We Canucks just love making fun of Bush,” posted another.

Although they also operate in the United States and the United Kingdom, Simply Audiobooks is running its Bush as poster boy for illiteracy campaign in Canada only.