Your Tuesday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

From Holden:

Katherine Harris, working the corners again.

The corner of Manatee Avenue and 26th Street West became a showcase on Monday afternoon for a range of driver reactions – there were “thumbs-up” signs and enthusiastic horn-honking, but also profanities and other less approving gestures.


The honking only became louder when Katherine Harris joined about a dozen of her supporters in the searing afternoon sun. The majority of driver reactions were positive. A smaller number were thumbs-down. A couple were unprintable.

Harris, whose campaign for the U.S. Senate has been anything but smooth almost from its inception, walked from corner to corner, scurrying across rush-hour traffic with an escort of vocal supporters.


The corner of Manatee Avenue and 26th Street West has always been good to Harris campaigns, supporters said.

“This has always been a good corner,” said Frank Hedy, who has volunteered for Harris’ campaigns since 2002 and plays tennis with the congresswoman.