I Used To Get Mad At My School

From Holden:

Getting better, Stand Up/Stand Down Division.

SAMAWA – Clashes between Iraqi police and civilians turned away from an army recruitment centre killed one civilian and wounded nine, including five policemen. Iraqi police said hundreds hoping to land jobs turned violent after they were turned away and threw rocks at policemen, who fired at the crowd.

Getting better, No Longer A Threat To Her Neighbors Division.

Kuwait has reported renewed border tension with Iraq.

On Aug. 21, a Kuwaiti border patrol came under fire from Iraq. Officials said this was the most serious incident in months and could mark renewed tension between the two neighbors.

Two days later, Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry relayed a protest to Iraq. A ministry statement urged Baghdad to help improve border security.

Officials said the shooting was part of heightened insurgency activities in southern Iraq. They said an Iranian-sponsored Shi’ite militia in Basra has been threatening the Kuwaiti border and vowed to kill security officers from the sheikdom.

“There have been at least five recent attacks on Kuwaiti border patrols,” an official said.