From Holden:

Following up on a couple of yesterday’s posts, the man of whom AssRocket said, “His intelligence, competence, judgment and reliability cannot be questioned.”, will be fined for his stupidity, incompetence, poor judgement, and unreliability.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will probably be fined and have to make up for failing to do continuing medical education that Tennessee requires of doctors with active licenses.

We also learned yesterday that Rove’s pal Kenneth Tomlinson secretly gave a friend of his a $250k government job, ran his horse racing business from his government office, and double-billed the government for his time. Today the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has decided that his term as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors will not be renewed, although Chimpy could give him one of his famous recess appointments.

A White House nominee may lose his job overseeing U.S.-backed international TV and radio services after a Senate committee said on Wednesday it would not vote this year on another term for Kenneth Tomlinson, following a government report that said he used the office for personal gain.

President George W. Bush in 2005 nominated Tomlinson to a second term as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees government international programming like Voice of America as well as Radio and TV Marti, which air Spanish-language broadcasts to Cuba.

However, the Republican-controlled Senate Foreign Relations Committee will not take up his nomination this year, panel spokesman Andy Fisher told Reuters. Democrats in Congress have demanded Bush fire Tomlinson.

“We’re not going to schedule it for the remainder of the year, and at that point it (the nomination) expires,” he said. His term expired in 2004, but he is able to remain in office until Congress adjourns sometime later this year.