Bush’s Fairy Tale Explanation

From Scout:

The talking point this past week to explain the miserable lack of progress down here appears to have skirted on Louisiana (Democrats) is Slow, just look at Mississippi (Republicans). Bush has stated things are slower in Louisiana….

“Money is beginning to go out the door so people can rebuild their lives,” Bush said Monday in Biloxi, Miss. “In Louisiana, it’s been a little slower.”

During his August 21st press conference Bush pointed out …”Mississippi has developed its own plan.” On August 24 in an interview with a local Biloxi reporter Bush again pointed to MS plan…

And I’ve got to applaud Mississippi because they have developed a plan, which was approved quickly, that will enable money to get out the door to helping individual homeowners rebuild.


And Haley set up a group, led by Jim Barksdale, it was a community group, very diverse and they went around and collected ideas and came forth with a plan. That’s all we asked for. And we’ll analyze it and fund it to the extent that the federal government is obligated. And Haley did a very good job of understanding our obligations. The CDBG money, he was very instrumental in helping get passed.

So, I do have a very good relationship with Haley, but I do believe the reason things are going as good as they are in Mississippi is that Haley took the lead in developing the plan, regardless of any personal relationship.

The inference is Babour delivered a plan (to Bush’s liking) while Louisiana put forth the Baker Bill which Bush did not support making MS ahead of the game. But what has Barbour’s friendship, influence and going Bush’s CDGB route early gotten the people of Mississippi? Next to nothing as reported on August 28 by WLOX….

As of Monday, the state had paid out 40 grants ranging from $6,000 to $140,000, said Scott Hamilton, spokesman for the Mississippi Development Authority, a state agency assisting in the housing grant program.


“In a state where 60,000 homes suffered severe damage, only around 30,000 households were eligible for the initial program, and now less than three dozen checks have gone out,” said Minor Sinclair, Oxfam America’s director of U.S. regional programs.(emphasis mine)

The federal money is not flowing in down here and that’s due to the Bush administration. Don’t believe the tortoise/hare fairy tale of 2 states as an explanation. While it serves as good talking points to make Republicans look good it isn’t reality.

(h/t to adaplant at Efficay blog and Read how his MS family has yet to receive a dime)