3 thoughts on “As Heads Explode Throughout Wingnuttia

  1. Oh, it’s a toss-up as to which of these things will create more outrage in Wingnuttia Land; the abortion or a black father. My guess is that they won’t say much about THIS abortion, even though it was against the young woman’s will. (they seem to like making decsions for women, don’t they?)

  2. Wingnuttia:
    “But she had parentental consent so I guess it’s okay. She’s over 18? Well I guess if she is stupid enough to get pregnant she is still a child. What? She lives with her parents because she doesn’t make enough with minimum wage to move out? Well then she has to follow her father’s rules.”
    Did you all read Echine’ of Snakes story about a woman trying to get plan B? Chilling. No one wanted to prescribe it and it was available over the counter yet. Scary. They really want women to grovel if they don’t want to have a baby.

  3. OK I know it is a tradgedy for the person involved- but it made me chuckle.
    I think the wingnutters will be pissed off- they would have loved it if they were liberal hippies forcing their kid to have an abortion- but since the reason they were pissed off was because the father was black they know they were probably wingnutters too!

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