Dating Dealbreakers

I like this topic.

When I was single, it was always if he was an asshole to the waitress (or waiter). People are always saying if you want to see how a man really is look at how he treats his mother. Bullshit. Every man I know, even the dicks, is nice to his mom. It’s how he treats someone who he could perceive as inferior to him; does he take advantage of her reliance on him for tips and show off like a big man, being abusive because he thinks she can’t fight back?

I grew up spending a lot of time with my grandparents, and Grandpa never failed to compliment the waitress whenever we so much as went out for a burger. He’d say, every single time, “the quality of the food was only exceeded by the charming service,” with this ear-to-ear grin that you couldn’t help but grin back at. Even when the service was crap and the waitress was surly, he’d say that, knowing it’d make her smile, maybe make her night if she’d been stuck with grab-ass creeps and noisy teenagers all day.

I remembered it when I was out with some jackoff who thought he looked really important sending food back three times and complaining about the amount of time it took each time. Mean to the waitress? No second date. No exceptions.


3 thoughts on “Dating Dealbreakers

  1. That’s an excellent rule of thumb. I once dated a guy who asked for two extra wontons in his wonton soup (the best wonton soup in the world, at Reading Terminal Market), and then argued with the server about paying the extra two bucks! It’s good to know up front that someone is both rude AND cheap.

  2. It takes a lot of balls to send food back 3 times and be mean to the waitress. I hope the guy enjoyed all of the spit in his food.

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