Lakeview Photos

And I’m experimenting with something new (to me at least) Here are some photos of Lakeview in a slideshow which will just play. The beginning photos compare sites from early March to 6 months later in late August. The latter photos were taken late August 2006.

If you move mouse pointer over the black strip at top then the controls will appear and you can adjust speed of slideshow or pause or click forward and back through the photos.

I think this slows things a bit for dial up sooo…

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2 thoughts on “Lakeview Photos

  1. The Flickr slideshow automatically starts – unlike a YouTube embedded video.
    It probably won’t bother your broadband readers but people with dialup might have a hard time loading a page with that kind of link. But I’m not enough of a techie to know for sure.
    It’s a great idea to include slideshows on blogs – still photography (or graphics) can be so rich in information and really convey stories better than words alone. I’ve become a great fan of the NYT slideshows that mix reporting, graphics, photography and narration online. It’s so much more informative than the stock cable news report for so much less cost. Here’s an example of a NYT slideshow and story about moving the course of the Mississippi River to replenish the marshlands of the Louisiana coast (see left hand margin link).
    If Flickr ever offers a tool to synch up audio to their slideshow tool and embed it in blogs, local bloggers with a video/stills/audio will have the capability of doing 90% of what cable news does now for a few hundred dollars worth of AV equipment.

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