5 thoughts on “Spot the Missing Element

  1. Any mention of the fact that without the Democrats’ united opposition to the Bush torture bill, McCain & Co’s “rebellion” would have amounted to exactly squat.
    Am I right, ma’am?

  2. I know what’s not missing. My outrage! And not with the slanted reporting (although there is that). I’m pissed that the Dems, once again, have allowed these clowns to frame the entire debate. Now, they will bring a vote to the floor and Dems are virtually powerless to stop it because they haven’t said a damn thing. True, McCain wouldn’t have been able to craft anything if the Dems weren’t united in their opposition to Bush’s plans to rewrite Article III, but Neddie NASCAR (dolt that he is) doesn’t know that. He and his little security wife have not been paying that much attention. They just see that Bush and the GOP came up with a “solution” (the final solution?) all on their own, with no input from the Dems what so ever. So, if Dems try to continue debate or block this in anyway, you know they’re just soft on terra! F**K!!!! I am so sick of the complicity of the Democrats. We have a one party system and Dems seem to like it that way! I’m so pissed!

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