I’ll be on the Radio Saturday night

I’m going to be part of a great radio show tomorrow night 8-10pm central on WORT radio that Dave Leucinger aka Roadmaster has put together. It will be a 2 hour comprehensive look at New Orleans. I think this is going to be a great show.

You can listen as it will be live streamed on the web…

WORT RADIO: New Orleans Show

There are going to be numerous guests including experts on the wetlands, levees and insurance. There will also be the development director of NOLA Habitat for Humanity. I will be there for the whole show as well as NOLA bloggerOyster and blog reader and NOLA resident lb0313.

There will be Nola musician Jay Chevalier and a surprise NOLA musician. Sorry I’m sworn to secrecy.

And definitely tune in to hear the interview with Sheik, of the Arabi Wrecking Krewe…or as he is known… The Sheik of Arabi. They did the interview tonight and it was incredible…truly a must listen.

So tune in tomorrow from 8-10pm central time.

WORT Radio: New Orleans Show—–

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