Pop-Up Coin

I always forget to include the Redhead Papers in my daily reading, and whenever I do catch up with all the posts I’ve missed, I’m remindedof how dumb that is:

The announcer was all, “This beautiful gold coin transforms into a miraculous standing sculpture of the Twin Towers, as if they’re rising from the ashes.” Good holy mother on a macramed hammock. Do they think that the people who died on September 11th want to be commemorated by a fucking POP-UP COIN? I seriously doubt it. Also? This coin is made out of metal recovered from the ashes. METAL RECOVERED FROM BENEATH DEAD BODIES AND DEBRIS. What stupid fucking moron is going to buy this thing? I want a list of ALL the people who buy this shit because I am going to hunt them down and beat them in the face with a maggot-infested grapefruit until they die.

I love Erin.


3 thoughts on “Pop-Up Coin

  1. pansypoo says:

    i don’t know who’s worse. the waste of air making it or the waste of air buying it. either way they must be taxed to death. because they DON’T know how to spend their $ better.


  2. Anonymous says:

    If I were Karl Rove, I would also want that list of people.


  3. mdhatter says:

    hi, that was me


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