C. Ray endorses Dollar Bill

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who rarely misses an opportunity to tout his efforts to rid City Hall of corruption, said Thursday thathe will enthusiastically urge voters to re-elect U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, the target of a sprawling federal bribery probe that has cost the veteran congressman his seat on an influential House committee.


“Unless he is indicted prior to the election date, I do not believe my reciprocated support will generate a story with any type of legs,” Nagin said.

Well those legs could get entangled with Foley’s and Hastert’s. I’ve heard more than a few pundits point to Dollar Bill to say Democrats are corrupt too ya know when discussing “FoleyGate.” Now they can add and He still gets the support of fellow Democrats. This can’t help New Orleans image in the heartland. But if it doesn’t get “legs” with those folks I suspect it will be because they dismissed Nagin long ago as the incompetent boob that he is.

3 thoughts on “C. Ray endorses Dollar Bill

  1. I think we should recognize that about a third of the Democratic party is really Republican. And another third is moderate but still corporate. The actual democrats are approximately the remaining third, which makes them out of power even within their own coalition.

  2. C. Ray’s an idiot, and probably owes Jefferson bigtime for a whole buncha stuff.
    How the hell did this assclown get (re-)elected? And why couldn’t he have stayed with the Republicans where he belongs?

  3. I should note that I’m only referring to those in national office above.

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