Will Google buy YouTube???

Rumors are that Google islooking to buy YouTube.

Neither Google nor YouTube would comment on the talks, which were first reported by the TechCrunch blog and could still fall apart. Viacom, News Corp., Microsoft and Yahoo are also said to be interested in the San Mateo start-up.

But there is one big obstacle. Everyone wants YouTube’s traffic — the site screens more than 100 million videos a day — and the potential for advertising riches. But no one wants what could be a Napster-style legal mess.

Indeed, it’s unclear to what extent YouTube’s wild popularity is directly dependent on the copyrighted material easily available on the site — ranging from bootleg musical performances to excerpts of television shows to unlicensed use of recorded music as soundtracks for home videos.(emphasis mine)

It’s popularity is completely dependent on the copyrighted material! If Google uses its filters there won’t be much to show or view anymore. (well ..worth it at least IMO) It will be the end of that party. What a shame if it happens.

UPDATE: OKthis changes my gloom and doom to Sunshine. (Thanks NTodd in comments) Hopefully they’ll ink deals with many more. Hey we’ll be ligit!

NEW YORK (AP) — YouTube struck deals with CBS and two major music labels Monday as the popular video-sharing website races to befriend content providers and avoid copyright-infringement lawsuits.

The separate agreements with CBS, Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment come less than a month after YouTube reached a deal with Warner Music Group Corp. On Friday, Google was reported to be in talks to acquire the video site for $1.6 billion.


3 thoughts on “Will Google buy YouTube???

  1. Well, keep in mind that YouTube already has an agreement with Warner Video, so Google’s trying to get in on that, and I suspect leverage the relationship to get more agreements on copyrighted material. This could be a good thing in the long-run.

  2. I don’t quite understand something about this. Google’s usual business practice is to come up with a neat idea, develop it, and if they fully develop it, to spin it off to a traditional for-profit company.
    Youtube already seems developed (although the cash flow is going th4e wrong way). Google already has the Google Videos.
    So is Google buying YouTube to flip it or is there something else here?

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