Hey, Fuck You, Nora

Can anyone explain to me why Nora Ephron is allowed to mount theHuffPo soapbox?

The woman who thought the most significant aspect of Bill Clinton’s pushback against the vile Chris Wallace was the fact thatthe Big Dog showed a little ankle is at it again today. She’s oh so concerned that Democrats, by pointing out that Republikkkan leaders have been covering for a predatory pederast for years, are acting like“homophobes”.

And yet when I watch the liberal punsters on television, I can’t help suspecting that they’re taking advantage of the homophobia in the culture in order to make slightly more of this episode than it may in fact turn out to be worth. When I watch the Democratic politicians smack their lips, I can’t help wondering whether they’ve forgotten that this is the sort of scandal that can happen to either party, and there’s no evidence that Democrats would have handled it any better. In short, I can’t help thinking that the homophobia is catching.

Um, Nora? Just who are the “liberal punsters on television”. Somehow I missed Molly Ivins hostingMeet the Press and Jim Hightower empaneled onThis Week.

Who is it that is making “slightly more of this episode than it may in fact turn out to be worth”? The Speaker of the House, the man who is two heartbeats away from the presidency, has conspired to conceal a federal crime for years on end, and both the House Majority Leader and the chair of the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee are in on it as well. If anything the Democrats have made less of this than it has already turned out to be worth.

Of course scandals happen in both parties, but upon what exactly do you base the claim that there is “no evidence that Democrats would have handled it any better”? The only similar scandal on the Dem side was that involving Congressman Gerry Studds a full generation ago, and that scandal was indeed handled differently by the Democrats. In short, it WAS NOT CONCEALED FOR YEARS BY THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP.

Can she point to one single homophobic statement on the Foley matter uttered by one solitary Dem? No, of course she can’t, she doesn’t even try. Her role as the concern troll of the HuffPo cocktail party is confirmed.

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  1. We get that in our political ads, to. Kerry Healey is running an ad that claims that Deval Patrick worked to a Florida cop-killer’s death sentence, “supported by liberal governor Bob Graham”, overturned. I lived in Florida around when Graham was elected, and he was known as “bloody Bob Graham” because he would sign death warrants, while his predecessor (Reuben Askew) would not. I don’t know that Florida has ever had a governor that most of the country would call “liberal”. It’s nice to get one that’s merely interested in running the state well, and isn’t corrupt or a bigot or an idiot or a liar. (Jeb ran some pretty reprehensible ads against Chiles once upon a time, slamming him for not signing the death warrants FAST ENOUGH.)

  2. What do you know? “Hey, Fuck you Nora” was exactly what I thought when I read her post at HuffPo. What a poorly thought out piece of clap trap. I think she just jotted this one out of her ass!

  3. I think she means “liberal” punsters like Dave Letterman and Jay Leno. I don’t know about Leno, but Letterman’s still making Monica jokes eight years out.

  4. Not to defend Nora, but the Dems were stupid to send Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich) on Rachel Maddow’s show. He suggested that Foley’s “different lifestyle” was an issue in the affairs. Rachel properly called him on it and severely reprimanded the Dem leadership for sending such a blithering idiot to do their media comments.

  5. Just a quick follow-up to darrelplant’s comment above. If anything, Leno is even more guilty of continuing to mine the Monica Lewinsky Comedy Gold Mine long after it’s been pretty much utterly tapped out. The Foley scandal has resulted in a revived interest in Monica-and-Bill jokes, and Leno (and his writers) will keep on flogging it as long as they can.
    Wonder what the record is for pop culture jokes? I would have thought Monica jokes had long exceeded their “sell-by” date by now. But flip on Leno any evening at random and you’d swear we were back in the late 90’s.

  6. “But flip on Leno any evening at random and you’d swear we were back in the late 90’s.”
    That’s because he’s a has-been.

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