CarpetBeggar Cheney Rolls Up On New Orleans

It’s beenmore than a Year, yes One Year Plus since The Big Dick was swinging in NOLA but he was there yesterday.

But Dick came to raise campaign funds and isn’t it just wholly pathetic yet fitting of this VP to show up in the still devastated city of New Orleans toGET money.

During his first trip to this city in more than a year, Vice President Dick Cheney attended a Republican fundraiser after getting briefed on efforts to protect New Orleans from future floods.

He spoke with the recovery czar in a closed door meeting (of course) then met with reporters and took no questions (of course) but said this …

The vice president acknowledged that there are still some unfilled gaps in flood protection system, but he said overall he was “tremendously impressed.”

“We’ve got a lot of work to do yet, but it looks like the levees are back to pre-Katrina levels, and in some cases, better than that,” Cheney said. “Clearly, that’s one of the most important parts of recovery process, which is altogether fitting given that this was the worst natural disaster in American history.

No what would be “altogether fitting” would be for Cheney to live in New Orleans… in view of the tremendously impressive Cat 3(?) levees and spend his days standing at the corner of Tennessee and Claiborne in the Lower 9th Ward…GIVING out 100 dollar bills provided by the oil and gas industries which messed up the South Louisiana wetlands.

As for the intent of his trip…

In the late afternoon, Cheney headlined a Republican National Committee fundraiser at the World Trade Center. The RNC said the event was expected to raise $180,000 in campaign cash.

What a dick

UPDATE: h/t to reader lb0313…This is a great paragraph from theWaPo

The Republican National Committee, which is using its substantial resources to supplement the party’s Senate campaign committee, has spent virtually all of its television money in just three states — Ohio, Missouri and Tennessee — hoping to build a levee strong enough to save those seats and the Senate majority.

Good Luck for all they know of getting levees built

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  1. Let me guess. His use of the phrase “altogether fitting” (and, perhaps, his refusal to utter more than 250 words in public at any given time) is supposed to subliminally remind us of Abraham Lincoln.

  2. The President say, “Little fat man isn’t it a shame what the river has
    To this poor crackers land.”

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