Bush signs torture bill

Bushsigned the torture bill today.

Attaturk has a presidential signing statement

Seriously I’ll be watching for THE presidential signing statement attached to this…if there is one.UPDATE: Evidently Pony Blow said yesterday there will be no signing statement. (in comments)

UPDATE: Pony saidyesterday…”There will be no signing statement.”

11 thoughts on “Bush signs torture bill

  1. Pony Blow said yesterday there’d be no signing statement. Which is probably because the executive orders saying that waterboarding incurs a $5 fine will be kept secret.
    P O’Neill

  2. i see gold stars and smily faces.
    no, i did not check your RH link as i will be getting there.

  3. Why does he need a signing statement? Congress gave him the power to disappear us all by fiat, with no right to go to the courts, with express approval of torture and his Gulags. What more could he say? It’s everything Joe Stalin could have wanted.


  5. So what will the ad attacking the Republicans who voted for this sound like?
    Tom Osborne CALLS himself a good Christian
    Yet he VOTED to TORTURE other human beings
    Not a very good act of loving thy neighbor.
    Would Jesus Torture his enemy?
    We don’t expect Osborne to be as good as Jesus,
    But as a Christian we expect him to not approve torture.
    It’s the Least he can do.
    Brought to you by Christians Against Torture.

  6. As regards the need for a sugning statement I didn’t think there would be a need for one but then I suspect Collins and Lieberman probably thought they too had given Bush enough regarding FEMA in the DHS bill…but that wasn’t enough.

  7. Legally, how many days does Bush have to issue a signing statement? My guess is that he won’t be able to resist – even though the bill gave him the ability to decide all by his little self what he would do and not do.
    Then, could he sequester the signing statement by calling it “classified”? After all, if the fact that we’re freely torturing innocent civilians doesn’t inflame the enemy, what would?

  8. Top Ten Rejected Bush Administration Tag Lines for the Torture Bill Signing.(As read by people released from Abu Ghraib and Gitmo after it was determined they were wrongly detaineed:)
    10. Torture, it does a Body Good!
    9. Torture: “Tastes great! Less killing!”
    8. Where do you want to go today? (Rendition version)
    7. Torture, I’m loving it!
    6. Iraqi blood. Finger lickin’ good.
    5. One of the world’s largest suppliers of reliable products and services to the oil and gas industry since 1919.
    (Oops that’s Halliburton’.)
    4. Reach out and electrocute someone.
    3. Torture thy neighbor.
    2. Have it your way –NOT!
    And the number one Rejected Bush Administration Tag Lines for the Torture Bill Signing.
    1.Torture, Just Do It.
    Apologies to David Letterman and everyone being tortured the world over. No apologies to the people who torture.

  9. Even with so signing statement, the plot thickens. Blow today
    “”The President shall issue interpretations described by Sub-paragraph A” — which I just read to you — “by executive order published in the Federal Register. Any executive order published in this paragraph shall be authoritative except as to grave breaches under Common Article III,” and so on. So that’s the language.
    Q So he does have to, then, publish an executive order, isn’t that right?
    MR. SNOW: Well, again — well, we’ll see. This says he’s authorized to do so. ”
    Authorized is not the same as required.

  10. I saw this. Im not sure if our pony boy will have time for his obsession so I may post it later.

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