Count the Crooks

Let’s review the number of officals who have either been indicted or actually convicted of criminal acts perpetrated while members of the Bush Assministration. I make it four so far, although one has an asterisk by his name.

Irving “Scooter” Libby (indicted)

David Safavian (found guilty)

Claude Allen (plead guilty)

Lester Crawford*


4 thoughts on “Count the Crooks

  1. Can we expand that juicy list with elected GOP’ers in general? Cunningham, etc. Would be a bit overwhelming perhaps (in spite of the GOP being the party of law, order, and family values) — I think we may need a spreadsheet…

  2. Just heard on the radio that Crawford pleads guilty later this morning…another one down…bring on dickie and georgie and rovie.

  3. Hi Holden,
    While I respect you for limiting the list to just the people who are intimately in the White House…why stop there and miss all the fun with the folks who got him there like De Lay, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
    BTW – tried to donate but PayPal has a message up that there are temporary problems. I’ll try again later.

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