7 thoughts on “Stay Safe

  1. Hey, what about Buffalo? Its not exactly a picnic living without electricity for a week and a half when its cold out!

  2. Was in Buffalo once to see a hockey game. Coldest place I’ve ever been.
    *hands entire city a blanket*

  3. THank you for that – I am on Kauai and all is okay here. We felt the quake bigtime. The whole house shook for several seconds. We did not lose our electricity and there was only one landfall here. Aloha to all..

  4. A girlfriend of mine had to drive up there for a wedding Friday night. Fun. Who in buffalo plans a wedding (of mostly out-of-town guests) in October? P.S. The original plan was to hold the reception outdoors in tents. They revised that plan, thankfully. Anyway – When did you lose power? I thought it just went out over the weekend and had mostly been restored?
    And hello, Hawaii – we’ve never met, but I’m certainly glad you’re okay.

  5. I’m trying to imagine a circumstance when living in Buffalo is preferable to living in Hawaii. Hang on. This will take some time. In any case you Buffalovians have my sympathy.

  6. We’re so glad you’re okay! I hope the aftershocks go as easy on you as the big one did.

  7. Went out over the weekend but the best estimate is a week to have it restored.

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