4 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Tim McGraw Edition

  1. I am no country music fan, but I’ve always thought Tim McGraw was incredibly sexy. His sexiness just went up about 100% in my book.
    Hope he doesn’t get Dixie Chick’d.

  2. “If he’d just stop singing about how great it is to do his wife,”
    At least he’s asserting that sex with one’sspouse is a good thing. Family values! Consider as an alternative conservative country icon Toby Keith, who apparently thinks that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. Sorry, Toby, I’m a godless liberal. I’ll take happy monogamous boinking like bunnies over sneaky adultery, thanks.

  3. skippy here saying if i was married to faith hill, i’d be singing about doing her too!
    ps having worked in country radio in the 90’s i can attest to the musicianship of both tim and faith. and they were indeed among the first (if notthe first) in country music to come out against bush duirng katrina

  4. Hey, I gotta say, it probably IS wonderful to boink Faith Hill.
    I know. That was disgustingly sexist.

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