Today on Athenae’s Obsession With The Freepi

This thread is hilarious:

I’m hopeful that the polls are rigged like never before this time around.

Karl, where are you? If you have an October surprise up your sleeve, you’re waiting rather a long time to unfurl it.

The timing has to be exquisite. But it’s very difficult to envision any “doozy” that would alienate voters from every Democratic candidate in the House and Senate. I hope Karl has something.

It has gotten so bad, I watched the weather and believe only half of that. If something comes on the news, it is almost assumed that the opposite is true. Because that is usually the case.


7 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession With The Freepi

  1. heheheh thanks for the morning smile. 🙂
    did anyone notice their little fund-raising drive? $70,000 goal? forgive the question, but are they kidding? is that serious? A., Holden, Scout, Tena – weigh in here…you’re asking for donations, and i think that’s more than fair, but is that much really necessary? what freaks me out more is that they’re reportedly only $2,000 shy of meeting that goal. Geez…where’s the (supposed) troll who chastized you guys for asking for some scratch when ya need him/her? or maybe i’m wrong…?

  2. $70,000 in donations … day-um. It’ll barely cover their therapy bills.
    (Seriously, that’s insane, their hosting costs CANNOT be that much.)

  3. Well, you know it’s the Republican way, how much graft for themselves can they build on top of the donations…?
    (Hope this doesn’t double post)

  4. thanks…that’s kinda what i figured. wanna bet the troll that commented about your asking for donations was a freeper? lol

  5. i am sure it will be terrist related.
    pansypoo is just not THAT motivated to make $. shame.

  6. Ooh, that’s a sucker bet. I just assumed it was a Freeper by the nasty tone of the message. Oh, and the fact that it was done anonomously. Chicken Hawks to the bone.

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