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Riverbend has a post up

It’s very difficult at this point to connect to the internet and try to read the articles written by so-called specialists and analysts and politicians. They write about and discuss Iraq as I might write about the Ivory Coast or Cambodia- with a detachment and lack of sentiment that- I suppose- is meant to be impartial. Hearing American politicians is even worse. They fall between idiots like Bush- constantly and totally in denial, and opportunists who want to use the war and ensuing chaos to promote themselves.

She then writes of the Lancet Journal study on the number of Iraqis killed.Read the rest

7 thoughts on “Riverbend is back

  1. What a relief that she has posted again. I was really concerned about her. We still hear talk from those in denial of how we “liberated” the Iraqis from Saddam! Who would choose such a “liberation”? We may never know the true number of deaths in the Iraq War.
    The thought that the powers-that-be here will, as yet, not permit pictures or videos of the bodies of US troops as they arrive home in Dover is maddening. How can this be? How can the dead in the US and in Iraq becomedesaparecidos?

  2. Whew. Oddly enough, I’d just checked this AM and still nothing. Glad to see she’s okay…or as okay as you can be in Iraq.

  3. That was really a relief. I had these recurrent visions of her being among the 600,000 she wrote about. But, it is so sad to see how she has changed from the always positive, always upbeat Iraqi telling us about her everyday life to a bitter, disappointed and angry person. My heart really goes out to her.
    And, of course her last comment is one that I have been thinking too: how do we know just how many US troops have been killed and grievously wounded in Iraq? Surely no one believes the numbers we are given by the government. Our death toll could just as well be approaching 6000 as 3000.
    It is going to take many years before we again can believe anything we are told by the government. One more casualty in Bush’s Folly.

  4. I have been checking everyday and today when I saw it was a new post it startled me such that I jumped a bit in my chair.
    I was getting worried too.

  5. I haven’t read her post yet but THANK YOU for letting us know. I’ve been checking her too, and all I’ve been thinking is the last comment I remember reading about her being something along the lines of “i worry when she doesn’t post for a while, i hope she’s okay”. i’ve wanted to ask if anyone knew anything, but i didn’t want to jinx it, or be the one to say what we were all thinking. i’m just glad she’s still with us. deep breath. okay…now to on to riverbend. FD is always here. she goes first this morning. 😉

  6. I have been checking rivers blog many times a day. I am so scared for her. It was a great moment to see she had posted and was still alive.
    It’s clear shes very very moved, sad, angry, frustrated…
    Her voice has given us a view that is so personal and compelling. I am so relieved she posted, of course i do worry about her emotional state.
    One can only imagine what its like for her and her family.
    Keep safe river.

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