Sweet Jesus gay:

President Bush finds the world around him increasingly “unacceptable.”

In speeches, statements and news conferences this year, the president has repeatedly declared a range of problems “unacceptable,” including rising health costs, immigrants who live outside the law, North Korea’s claimed nuclear test, genocide in Sudan and Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Look, I knew when Jeffrey Sebelia won Project Runway last night that the world was off its pole and the entire humanthing was fucked up, where an asshole who makes ugly dresses gets $100,000 to make more ugly dresses, but even I had no idea it was this bad. Pardon me while my head explodes. Don’t worry about the mess. The chinchillas will clean it up.

I rarely address myself directly to the president, because like he cares, and there’s an analogy about singing and pigs that comes into play. Still, I’ve got to just say:

Don’t like your toy country anymore, Mr. Bush? Coming around to the idea that the world’s a lot crappier than it looks from the veranda in Kennebunkport, you privileged, condescending tool kit? People just not behaving the way you saw them in your head? Paper dolls are so much more fun, aren’t they? They don’t talk back, they aren’t ungrateful for your benevolence, they don’t insult your wife and children, and they look so fetching in their flat feathered hats.

The country kind of sucks right now? Wow. Welcome to our nightmare. Jump right in, the water’s really warm. It’s mostly from the sewage, but warmth is warmth, and with heating costs going the way they are, we can’t be choosy. Unlike you, we don’t have servants to call on when times get tight. We make do with what we’ve got.

More and more, Mr. President, you’re reminding me of the tourist who goes to Guatemala or Jamaica and notes with utter shock the crushing poverty. I try to be patient with this kind of ignorance, because I know not everybody’s up on geopolitical chessboards and stuff like that, but deep down something burns my ass about fat rich people in cocktail rings complaining that people by the side of the road are badgering them to buy woodcarvings, because that’s what this is, sir, this whole, “how dare you be poor in my presence” attitude you’re displaying. It’s not even unworthy of you, because really, what did we expect, it’s just gross.

I have to admit, it takes bigger balls than I thought you had to look aroundnow and say yeah, man, this economy I’ve been lying my ass off about for six years reallyhasn’t made everybody rich, and this war I started reallyhasn’t made everybody free.Unacceptable? I’ll tell you unacceptable. Thousands dead. Hundreds imprisoned. Military families on bread lines. Soldiers worried about paying for the food in the hospital they’re in because of the leg they got shot off fighting your war. You want to talk unacceptable? Mom and Dad up all night trying to figure out how to keep their kids off the streets and in school while both of them work and still can’t afford anything more than a shitty apartment with walls so thin they can hear the hooker next door screaming at her pimp. You want to talk unacceptable? Come to my town, Mr. President, walk around for a while. I’ll show you unacceptable.

You want to talk unacceptable? Paying your pasty white boys from the Heritage Foundation and AEI in nice crisp C-notes to talk sanctimoniously about painting schools in Baghdad for people who deserve freedom when I can drive 30 minutes and show you a school with rusty grates on the windows and a hole in the roof, where the principal had to pay for the paint with his own money, and where the eighth grade class president will tell you he knows everybody in the towns around him thinks his school is lousy. You lean down and pet that nice kid, Mr. President, and then you talk to me about how frustrated you are about America today. You tell him — I’ll give you $20 to do it to his face — that it was more important to declare a national day of prayer and to invade Iraq than to declare a national state of educatonal emergency and fix his school. Then you tell the rest of us we should really give a flying fuck about what you think your problems are. It’s unacceptable? It’s a disappointment? It’s a real bummer?



10 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. good finish
    and, for the records, I thought Uli should have won.
    I haven’t watched a TV show on a weekly basis for years. Years.
    Maybe since the Joe Schmoe show (which, if you missed it, was regularly good, but turned out to be amazing solely based on it’s last episode.. in fact, just watch the first 2 and last 2 episodes.)
    So, what the heck made this season of project runway actually good? i still can’t tell. Escapism maybe?

  2. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
    He sure seems willing to accept high-cost health care, ect.

  3. If Bush wasn’t evidence enough that all was not well in the world, Jeffrey Sibelia sure is.
    I think Wolcott got it about right. The very whitebread, middle age, middle class judges were trying prove their street cred…not.
    BTW, if you haven’t found this site [projectrungay.blogspot.com] yet, you must take a look…

  4. I thought it was interesting that the judges admitted that women would love to wear Laura and Uli’s dresses. Then they gave the prize to the misogynist asshat. Did you see what he was going to do with the wigs to erase his models. Faugh.

  5. I’m surprised you can be so aware of Karl Rove’s attempts to craft a storyline to take you in, but not Bravo’s. How can you honestly think you know what kind of person Jeffrey is based on the edited version of reality they fed you on the show?
    As far as clothes go, I don’t understand how that fashion stuff works, but several people who get paid a great deal more to make judgements about that than you or I do thought his line was the best. I thought that zippered dress was pretty cool, but what do I know? I thought his Uli dress was cool, too, and everyone I know (including the experts) said that sucked.
    I can’t believe I let my wife convince me to watch this show. Nor can I believe how sucked into it I got. I thought the part where Jeffrey was crying in Uli’s arms after Tim told him he could be in the show was pretty intense. I guess I’m a sucker for a storyline, too.
    It reminds of of when I made a joke about how people were paying so much attention to what Winona Ryder was wearing at her shoplifting trial. And then before I knew it, I actually was obsessing about it myself. Weird.
    Anyway. Congratulations Jeffrey. Bring on the midterm elections.

  6. Hell Yeah!
    Now, if only somehow you could get one of the decider’s advisers to read and explain that to him.
    And I don’t watch Project Runway, but no one should be allowed to make ugly dresses and get paid for it. No one!
    Sigh. What is this world coming to???

  7. Yep, I agree. Uli’s collection was stunning. Mr. BuggyQ and I were watching with our jaws on the floor–one gorgeous thing after another. And honestly, Laura came through far better than I had hoped.
    Mr. BuggyQ doesn’t loathe Jeffrey the way I do (I’m not sure it’s possible–after he made the nice lady cry, I tried very hard to make his head explode through the sheer force of my will), because he liked the way Jeffrey’s stuff was innovative, but even he was bummed that Jeffrey won.
    Uli will work in the fashion industry. Jeffrey will piss off everyone he meets within ten minutes.

  8. I would wear every single thing Laura made, and I covet her red hair. But I still thought Uli should have won.
    Bush’s America: Assholes Ascending.

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