Okay, I spend a lot of time withthese nutballs, because their spelling amuses me and I like their hardcore dedication to their delusions. Plus there’s more dissent than at LGF, not that that’s saying much.

But every once in a while they just severelycreep me the fuck out:

Support the troops? Pshaw! Read theFreepers rant and rail against Kevin Tillman, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran (and brother of Pat), now that he’s come out against the war. They rant against him for taking money for his article from TruthDig (which they speculate is a “Soros front group”) and speculate he didn’t even write the article himself.

He’s “gullible and naive” (says a Freeper writing from the safety and comfort of his home computer, no doubt never having served a day in uniform).

“I wish he’d kept his mouth shut, but I think he’ll live to regret this.”

“This rant is nothing more than talking points we’ve all heard over and over again from left winged kooks on their blogs to various media types. This rant is nothing new, and as one poster said, it could have been written by Cindy Sheehan herself.”

And the winner: “If I’m not mistaken (and I may well be) this Kevin is the brother of Pat who was present at Pat’s accidental shooting and has been named as possibly even being the shooter. All accidental I’m sure but nonetheless — perhaps his guilt (Kevin’s) is so overwhelming that he has taken the route to blaming everyone from the the President on down for his brother’s death.”

OHHHH! Kevin Tillman killed his brother and that’s why he wrote this anti-war article! Okkaaaay, kids!

Credit to Litz, who wrote the above, for digging this up.

In the rest of the thread, they call Kevin Tillman a “whore,” accuse him of selling his brother’s memory as if publications don’t pay for stories all the time regardless of their subject matter, and say that he “lets the Islamofascists off the hook.”

The people who yell about “supporting our troops” most often conjure Vietnam-era strawman hippies spitting on returning veterans and calling them babykillers. I personally worry more about the war supporters (and supposed troop supporters) who claim to idolize the soldiers but in actual fact only see them as proxies for their own imagined bravery, and not as people, some of whom might continue to believe in what they’re doing in Iraq, others who come home disillusioned, angry, and turned anti-war.

There’s a festering sickness in this country and its scars are all over that thread.


3 thoughts on “Freepi

  1. take a look at the GOP record on support for veterans to see clearly that the “support the troops” crowd doesn’t. period.
    no support.
    why don’t they dispense with the bs and move on to “support the carnage”?

  2. Which is why the family pressed for more investigation, right?
    “The Army apologized in June 2005. But Tillman’s family, with the support of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and of Rep. Honda, demanded a further review of the case, and the inspector general agreed in August [2006] to conduct the review that led to Friday’s request for a criminal investigation.”
    OK, this is WSWS, but even so, the documentation is available of the now several investigations–none of which, obviously, suggest that Kevin Tillman was in the firefight which killed Pat Tillman. WAY TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS, WINGERS.
    “Kevin Tillman arrived on the scene after his brother’s death. Mercifully, he had played no role in the shooting, serving as the rearguard of the second unit. He was told to take guard duty over the battlefield, and only later was told that his brother had been killed. It would be another five weeks before he learned that Pat had been killed by his own comrades.”

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