Pushed You Down Deep In Our Souls For Too Long

Bring on the song:

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh yesterday attacked actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, for inserting his voice into the U.S. Senate campaign in Missouri.

Limbaugh suggested that Fox was “acting” in a commercial where he’s shown shaking while endorsing the importance of stem cell research.

“He is exaggerating the effects of the disease,” Limbaugh told listeners yesterday, encouraging them to go online to watch Fox’s commercial, which first aired Saturday in St. Louis during a World Series game. “He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act.”

The Kosdiary I swiped this from likes that the WaPo considers this newsworthy. I like more that it’s written as straight news, as it would be written if Bill Clinton called Limbaugh a fuckface. For way too long, we’ve been laughing off this creepy bully and histin-hat fascisti followers. Everybody I know has had that conversation, the one with the Limbaugh listener who sneers, “Oh, it’s just a joke. Relax. Can’t you take a little kidding?” As if the problem isn’t spreading poison and lies over the airwaves, the problem is your lack of ability to let somebody say to your face that they’d like to see you killed.

Treating their outrageous statements as noteworthy ensures that people will hear them for what they are. That’s important. You can’t ignore a festering, gangrenous part of the body politic and hope it just falls off without poisoning every other organ. Reporters looking around and bemoaning all the “tone” in politics and all the “division” and all the other words they use to describe the atmosphere Limbaugh helped to create need to start covering incidents like thisas news stories if they ever want to understand why, and how, we all came to hate each other this much.


5 thoughts on “Pushed You Down Deep In Our Souls For Too Long

  1. As I understand it, a “sea change” is meant to connote a really deep change in the water, not just a surface anomaly.
    Could this political season be a “sea change”? Hmmmm…

  2. I think, not sure (oh, how like a Democrat — here, I’ll adopt a Rushian tone) that drug-addled fat-boy can’t keep his symptoms and his side-effects straight. Parkinson’s makes you slow and stiff; it’s the meds that make you wiggle like that. Just like a Republican, to be rude AND wrong.
    That was fun.

  3. In the news this morning – Sean Hanity and other conservatives are jumping in to defend ol’ Rush.
    While I’m against embryonic stem cell research, to criticize Fox for having Parkinson’s and to defend Rush Windbag’s statements is ridiculous.
    Pope John Paul II had severe Parkinsons (and statedly against embryonic stem cell research); I can’t wait to hear Rush say that he was faking it.

  4. Thanks A. for linking to my piece. I agree with you. I was THIS close to going to confront Ms. Morgan last night as she spoke at the commonwealth club in SF. But I had a more important personal event to attend to.
    These horrific statements need more exposure ON TV. Why? Because when they are said ON TV suddenly they become newsworthy. It’s like the press thinks that horrific things said on radio don’t count.
    “Oh it’s free speech. You can go ahead and say what ever you like on commerically supported publicly licensed broadcast radio! ”
    This is the kind of comment that advertisers might not like. Most of them can understand that this kind of comment goes beyond the pale. Unfortunately they consider Rush so powerful (and such a money maker) they will just ask him to apologize. “I’m sorry Michael J. Fox wiggles. It turns out he wasn’t acting. My bad. Now that Hillary Clinton…”

  5. Unfortunately, I just read a news item that the last paragraph of the Anonymous above nailed on the head.
    Rush apparently said that was going to be big and huge (I’m restraining myself here, he actully said something like bigly and hugely) and apologize. He then went direct vitriol that MJ Fox was a democratic schill and allowing his disease to be exploited.
    Great apology , huh?
    I’m sorry I shot you in the face and will never do that again. Ignore the knife in my hand.

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