2 thoughts on “Stick A Corker In It

  1. Exactly the reason that I’m imploring everyone to talk up the 2008 Dem candidates they really like, but DO NOT talk down the one’s they like a little less.

  2. At least this is better than what I saw reported yesterday on several sources: That the republicans are airing an ad showing a bunch of white folks talking about the Democratic Candidate – who happens to be black. This included a glancing reference that he was dating a white woman (which he apparently is in real life).
    Being from South Carolina, our slogan used to be “Thank God for Mississippi” as we could always count on Miss. to keep us out of last place in education and healthcare.
    Seeing this ad, I’m gonna start saying “Thank God for Tennessee” Any state where anyone would even think of running this ad makes me look rather urbane and tolerant.

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