Wall of Hypocricy

YesterdayOliver Willis pointed out …

Man, the black Republicans are in full force today defending the RNC’s racial smear ad against Harold Ford.Tara Wall on Fox News, Ron Christie on MSNBC.

How much money is all that hypocrisy worth?

The irony was on display as Falafel maintained the ad was “tawdry” and the hypocricy as Wall maintained the RNC really isn’t responsible for the ad while also stating “I’m not offended by it at all.” Bill ended up “getting a headache.”

4 thoughts on “Wall of Hypocricy

  1. Wow! Hypocritical behavior so extreme that even Fox news calls the RNC on it !

  2. Oh, how bad does it have to be when Billy O calls a RNC ad “tawdry”?

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