10 thoughts on “Where’s Denny?

  1. He’s up the chimney of the fireplace in the background, practicing for Christmas Eve.

  2. he’s been airbrushed out – hence the space between his evilness and the rest of the group. Amazing what the can do with photoshop these days, eh?

  3. Aww…you stole my thunder. He was in the space between Cheney and Frist before they took him out.

  4. Republican Response will be:
    This is a political dirty trick by Democrats…for shame You liberals photoshopped him out of the picture…
    Denny was standing between Frist and Cheney…and you guys took him out to prove there is trouble for our party…wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    oh wait my bad the space between Frist and Cheney is too small… but I stand by my original comment b/c to change now would show weakness…

  5. Why is it that Dick is always standing off to the side on these things? It looks like he’s there to punish Dubya if he were to write some letters backwards or something. And he’s always glaring at Bush, too… He’s like an overbearing, evil father figure.

  6. If they build their fence, can we put them on the other side of it please?
    Let’s send Dubya off to his new home in Paraguay already until it’s time for him to be found and tried for the war crimes…

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