Your Thursday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

I already did one Juggernaut post on the latest Quinnipiac poll which shows that Katherine Harris is 35 points behind her opponent, incumbent Democratic senator Bill Nelson. But I love the spin that theBradenton Herald put on it.

Fears among Florida Republicans that U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris’ campaign bid for the U.S. Senate could hurt the party in other races may have been well founded, a poll released Wednesday indicates.

Incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson has widened his already comfortable lead over Harris in results announced by the Quinnipiac (Conn.) University Polling Institute. Nelson was favored by 64 percent of likely voters to 29 percent who opted for Harris. She gained national attention as Florida’s secretary of state when she oversaw the 2000 recount that gave George W. Bush the White House.

And while Nelson goes up, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has gone down.

“The expectation among the electorate that Representative Harris is headed for defeat can’t help Republican turnout,” Quinnipiac assistant poll director Peter Brown said Wednesday. “The fact that she’s not going to be competitive could be discouraging and close elections are won at the margins.”

The new Senate poll comes on the heels of Quinnipiac’s survey on the governor’s race, where Democrat Jim Davis has nearly caught Crist. The two are roughly even in that contest with Crist favored by 46 percent to Davis’ 44.