Your Tuesday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update, Part II

More about thesofter side of Katherine Harris.

She’s a Thesbian!

An arts lover, [Katherine Harris] reveled in Sarasota’s galleries, theaters and diamond-studded social scene. She volunteered, raised money and planted the seeds of her political future.

Robert Plunket, a Sarasota writer, said no one worked harder.

“I adored Katherine; I loved her,” he said. “She was a force for good.”

Plunket, who has since soured on Harris’ politics, arranged her Sarasota stage debut. In 1991, he cast her in a late-night revue that he produced. Harris had a one-night role as a “Vanna White character” who escorted guests onstage.

At the end of the show, Harris led the crowd in the “chicken dance.”

Sounds Like A Troll

She obsesses on the smallest details — counting bursts of applause during speeches — and sends overwrought e-mails awash in exclamation points and capital letters.

She’s aRegan Republican

The drama was too much for former campaign manager Jim Dornan. He left late last year, driven away, he said, by Harris’ micromanaging and her outbursts. Dornan said Harris once “screamed bloody murder” because she was unhappy with a fundraiser.

“I’ve never been yelled at like that,” said Dornan, one of three campaign chiefs who quit. People, he said, could hear her on his cell phone.

After that, Dornan customized the ringtone on his phone. When Harris called, it played “Tubular Bells,” the theme from The Exorcist.

“I’d hear that,” he said, “and it would send shivers up my spine.”