Jail le Skank!

Time to open a big ole can ofcomeuppance on Coulter’s narrow ass.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has refused to cooperate in an investigation into whether she voted in the wrong precinct, so the case will probably be turned over to prosecutors, Palm Beach County’s elections chief said Wednesday.

Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson said his office has been looking into the matter for nearly nine months, and he would turn over the case to the state attorney’s office by Friday.

9 thoughts on “Jail le Skank!

  1. Could someone help me out here? What is so hard about this?
    You have a legal address. That address either is -or- is not in a given precinct (they’ve got fancy maps that show this).
    Additionally, your primary legal address may be tied to certain tax advantages (such as mortgage interest being deductable, homestead exemptions, etc. ). So you take the same legal address and list it on your tax and other legal forms.
    Admittely, Coulter may have 2 addresses in different states. She declares one as her primary legal and uses that.
    When asked by the election officials, she pulls out the address. It either is on the map or is not on the election map.

  2. Should Ann get fined for inciting violence?
    Joking about dead UN Peacekeepers?
    On ABC Radio/Disney station KSFO 560 AM in SF on July 27th Ann Coulter was talking to Lee Rogers, Melanie Morgan and Tom Brenner (whose pseudonym is “Officer Vic”) about the bombing in Southern Lebanon.
    Ann Coulter: “On the bright side we hit a couple of UN peacekeepers.” Melanie Morgan: laughs Officer Vic: “Look at those blue helmets go flyin'” Coulter: “Somebody has to tell Israel about the installation on 42nd street.” Laughter (Audio link 1.01 clip, comment at 45 sec) http://s88172659.onlinehome.us/MelanieMorganAnnCoulterOfficerVicjokingaboutdeadUNpeacekeepers07272006H08M06.wma

  3. I expect the same swift justice that Rush received for massive drug possession.

  4. Anderson has also decided not to revoke her voting rites. (which he can do)
    Wonder where she is going to vote this year?

  5. As I understand it Ann provided a realtor’s address when “she” registered. That would be knowingly providing false information (and very material false information at that) in voter registration and in addition to being a state crime it is a federal felony (a fine and up to 5 years). I haven’t seen anyone pressing the feds to do something, but they do have jurisdiction. It’s a long shot that they would prosecute, especially while a state investigation is pending, but who knows she might lie during an interview and piss them off. Ask old Scooter about that one.
    My guess is that Annie didn’t want to disclose her actual address when she registered so she used a false one and never updated it, which led to her voting in the “wrong” precinct based on her actual address but the right one according to the registration list. If that is the case then she also has a problem — and probably a more serious one — with the original false statements, which would quickly be established once she began cooperating. Hence her stonewalling. It is hard to pooh-pooh false statements away, even for a member of the master class who doesn’t want the proles to know where she lives, and especially for one who wants to keep her bar license. She is in a bit of a tight spot.

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