Iraq/Afghanistan vets getting PTSD Rx nearly Doubled in 9 months

Will they stop talking about Kerry’s botched joke supposedly hurting the troops and instead talk about this because these are some serious numbers of troops that are hurting. FromStars and Stripes

WASHINGTON — The number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans getting treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder nearly doubled from fall 2005 to this summer, but officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs say that isn’t necessarily bad news.

They believe the increase points to a growing awareness of the symptoms of PTSD and a larger willingness among young veterans to seek out help for the illness.

According to internal department data, the number of youngveterans receiving PTSD treatment from VA hospitals and counseling centers rose from 20,394 patients in September 2005 to 38,144 patients in June 2006, an increase of 87 percent.

Hospital cases alone totaled 29,041 in June, up 82 percent from nine months earlier. The number of veterans who visited counseling centers more than doubled, from 4,467 to 9,103, over that same period.

Dr. Ira Katz, VA deputy chief of patient mental health services, said at least some of that increase is due to the increasing number of veterans: The number of troops who have separated from the service since September 2002 grew to 588,923 this summer, up more than 150,000 from the previous year.


Overall, the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans visiting VA centers for any type of counseling rose from 43,682 in September 2005 to 144,227 in June.

Am I reading this correctly that the 144,227 who have sought some type of counseling is from a total of 588,923…or roughly 1 in 4? Could that refer to something other than a type of mental health counseling?

And over 29,000 were hospitalized?

My God. And this “isn’t necessarily bad news”??? I get the positive point that apparently unlike the past at least more are seeking help but with these numbers I fear to question… whatwould be considered bad news? Yeah I know… not getting help. It’s horrible consequences either way.

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  1. Is it just me, or has the news this week alone grown increasingly worse by a magnitude of 10? The closer we get to Election Day, the uglier the news becomes — and we still have four days to go.
    I hope we make it that far…

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